The Brief:

Our client Shire Baked Potatoes wanted to create a brand and product offering that would challenge the major category leaders as a relevant and unique competitor, with a quirky visual identity and distinctive packaging design that would appeal to families and adults of all ages. They engaged us to oversee the creation of their branding and design identity, and to manage the associated packaging exploration & development process with a joined-up approach. 

What We Did:

We created their pack design with an engaging brand character to help encapsulate the message that Dinner Jackets are high quality, enjoyable and convenient food products. The pack artwork incorporates visual cues that flow across the surface area of the pack, speaking directly to parents and young adults about the healthy attributes of the product and the ease with which it can be prepared. Our packaging design, pack artworking and packaging consultancy services were all utilised to deliver this launch effectively and cohesively. 

Dinner Jackets